Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Award


WOW another blog award! I am so honored indeed! Thank you Leptir and Karen for remembering me!

I am suppose to in turn list down the blogs that inspire me:

1. Leptir- Of course! I am not just returning the award for fun but im truly inspired by this Montessori teacher's devotion to her students. I think someone should give her the 'best teacher' award! If not, then please transport her over to Singapore so that my son can be taught by her (and i can stop homeschooling-ha!).

2. Mi Escuelita Montessori- again i am not returning the favor but am honestly inspired by her! Her dedication to her daughter is awesome- despite having a young child to mind. I love reading her blog because one can feel her joy bursting through my computer screen! It's contagious!

3. The Pig and Rabbit- a newly set up blog, i'm inspired by this mama! Despite her heavy work commitments she still takes time to prepare her lessons and spends time teaching her daughter after work! Her lessons are something new to me and has given me a new perspective to homeschooling.

4. My Little Sprouts- this is not exactly a homeschooling blog- abit of a mix. BUt i simply love how this mama brings in the element of fun, fun and more fun into her household- especially her baking 'lessons' with her kids.

You are all an inspiration to me- thank you!

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