Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Multiply them!

The next step to my multiplication lesson is to teach him to understand the equation. I want him to know what does say 2 X 7 or 7 X 2 means. After a few 'lessons' here & there, he now knows the difference i.e. he's to count by 7s twice for the former and count by 2s seven times for the latter. (Special Thanks to ING for sorting out my confusion earlier on!)

We 'played' this game today. I made 3 sets of seven timetable cards- as you can see from the picture. I got sonshine boy to count and match the cards.

Here's one of the ways we played the cards.
Each picture card has 7 bumblebees (7 times table) on them. I would lay say, 3 picture cards on the table and ask him what was the multiplication equation. He has to find the correct equation card, here it's the '3X7' card. We did this for the entire 7 times table.

I've also made printables for the 6 times table

The 4 (and 5-no picture) times table

Here's another variation of the game we played. This time, i lay down the multiplication card, say 6 X 6 and he has to determine the answer. For this example, he has to take 6 cards of 6 bees and he'd count them to get the answer.


  1. WOW! I love this. Do you mind send me the soft copy of your work so that I could teach Yvette.

  2. Hi, thanks! As i spent quite bit of time on this, i will be charging for these sets of printables. If you are still interested, do drop me an email. :)

  3. I have already sent you a mail yesterday.


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