Monday, November 1, 2010

All about reptiles again...

Continuing from our lesson on reptiles, i wrote on cards what each of the reptile eats. To help N identify who eats what, i also wrote the answers behind each card. I asked him to read aloud each label and to determine who 'said' that.

Seriously, i have no idea where this particular type of activity is heading. Sometimes i wonder how these general knowledge would be of any help to N in the future. Its not like we need this information in our everyday lives. Or if he'd even remember!

That said, i still think such activities help to sharpen certain skills in N. Somehow it has helped him learn how to listen, retain and re-process the data that has been given to him. I believe his ability to process things taught to him quickly was somewhat hone by these activities. Hence, i am just going to do what i do and hope someday he'll find these information useful. Even then, we'll just enjoy the journey of learning!

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