Thursday, November 29, 2012

The end?

Happily, i wanted to upload photos and blog away until...
A message popped out telling me that i have max out my storage capacity & in order to continue i've to pay.
So is this the end?
One hand, i feel like i am reaching to a 'blogging' halt. There seem nothing interesting to share about since our homeschool is just doing assessment books after assessment books.
On the other hand, sometimes i do get hit with inspiration and i want to blog about it. Like now. But, it seems rather silly to pay for it.
So, i am weighing in my options. I can start a new blog elsewhere or i can create my very own. Or just end blogging right here.
But till then.....
This blog shall take another short break. Or maybe it's bye forever.
I hope i will get it sorted out soon. Otherwise, it's goodbye blog world! We shall see!/div>


  1. Oh.... but will this blog remain? I mean even if you decided not to pay n continue blogging? Its full of memories...

  2. I have always used Flickr for my blog photos

  3. Oh! I hope you DON'T stop blogging! I'll miss you when we move to Switzerland in January!


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