Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Spelling

We continued our spelling with words with 'ay' in them (i am starting with words with the long a sound).

The mini booklet i made for sonshine.

It includes words with the 'ay' in them. He has learnt to spell simple words like 'day', 'say' etc and other words like 'pray', 'play' and 'stay'.

I have done away with the moveable alphabet because i realised he really didn't need them to help him spell.

Ask Mr. Bear

I wanted to speed up our spelling and try to cover as many words as possibe. So since i have the Five in a Row books sitting nicely in my shelf, ive decided to use them for our spelling lessons too.

I made a mini booklet; inside are all the words that can be found in the book.

He has learnt animal words like 'goose', 'goat', 'bear' etc.


  1. I like writing instead of typing onto home-learning materials too! Much faster... Ha...

    Just a note: Should be "Mr. Bear" instead of "Mr Bear", the "." is missing. :)

  2. I actually prefer typing- looks more professional. But yes, writing is way faster. Something's gotta give!

    Oops, didn't think that "." was important but you are right, must be very accurate & precise in our teachings!

  3. Did you source the Five in a Row books online? Do you have the Before Five in a Row books?


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