Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simply writing

I'm getting sonshine to practise lots on his handwriting (he's improved much-whoop!) and writing in short phrases/sentences.

He wrote 'Small dog' and 'big dog'. This is adapted from the Kumon Sentences book i purchased. I made my own because i didn't like the writting space given on the book. Still, i'm using the Kumon book as my guide to teach sonshine writing. I felt that this was a good way to teach him on adjectives.

He copied two sentences using the short phrases he worked on previously.

In line with the copy work he did, i also taught him Simple Present Tense using one of the assesment books i bought.

More practice

A simple work combining what he learnt on adjectives and simple present tense, applying them in a sentence form. He had to copy the sentence and choose the correct tense applicable to the statement.

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