Friday, April 20, 2012


Since sonshine is comfortable with writing English letters, i thought i should move on to teaching him to write in Mandarin.

But i discovered that he already knew how to write a few mandarin characters, some learnt from school and some he was able to write out by recalling the words i taught him. He could recite the strokes as he wrote and could accurately count the strokes of each word. All credit to the school! I'm so relieved that he seems to enjoy writing and reciting the chinese strokes. PHEW!

But since i already bought a book for him to practise his writing, i decided to teach him alongside with the school.

I started with the simplest of words thinking he would be averse to writing Mandarin!

But since he didn't resist, i got him to write words involving more strokes.

When i don't have the time, i would just ask him to raise his fingers in the air & we would practise writing a few words. Just this morning, i taught him to write ‘头’ by writing it 'in the air' with our fingers. Fun stuff!

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