Monday, December 5, 2011

The Missing Link

I always admired moms at Adventures of Bear and Mi Escuelita Montessori for their ability to homeschool despite having another infant/toddler to care for. I was wondering how come i could never do so until lightning hit me and i had a light bulb moment- the shelf.

Ever since i was pregnant, we took away our homeschool shelf to make way for babydoll's cot. We positioned it vertical (instead of horizontal) and placed books on it instead. From then on, it was difficult to do any homeschooling because, as i realised it now, we didn't have a proper place. I tried to do it over our coffee table but alas the boy was distracted.

I complained to my husband and my dear darling immediately re-shifted our shelf, i packed our toy room and now we have an activity room. It's a room where the kids play their toys AND homeschool activities. The toys are kept away when we have homeschool. Likewise, activities are in its proper places when the toys are out. I love it! It's like a mini classroom now. WOOT :)

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  1. You're sooo sweet!!... You see my friend,... all things come togheter at the right moment.... Congrats with your new little changes and victory!!!!yeaaaa

    Big Hugs


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