Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Home made xmas tree ornaments

Materials used:

1) Cut out tree shape- i made my own using carton boxes & painted over it and cut out a xmas tree
2) glue
3) small cut out shapes
4) gold dust

We smeared glue on the trees, N decorated it with the small cut out shapes & sprinkled gold dust

When dry, i punched a hole on each tree, string them & hung them on our tree- together with the snowman craft he made in school.

Its placed at a rather obscure spot on the tree...'cause it ain't match my tree decor- as you can see! =P (POST NOTE: just in case you think we are hurting his pride by hiding his crafts, his ornaments are at the side of the tree-placed at his eye level, facing our main door. Which means each time we come home, the first things we see on the tree are his xmas ornaments. This picture was taken from our living area view :))


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