Sunday, November 29, 2009


As i plan to homeschool N using the Montessori method, i decided (and convinced the hub) to buy a set. Here's a peak at what's in the kit.
This makes up of a board and 100 small wood boards with the numbers 1- 100 printed on them. The aim is to have the child place the numbered pieces in sequence. This is to teach them counting and number sequence.

Brown stairs. The blocks graduate in thickness. The child is to lay them according to the size. This gives them a visual discimination in thickness.

This activity teaches the child to count. He is to put the correct number of counters according to the number card.

This is called the Knob cylinder. The cylinders varies in diameter and height. The child learns how to visually discriminate the different sizes. This eventually give them basic Mathemactic foundation.


  1. I know this is an old post and that you aren't in the US... But do you know if it's possible to get this kit in the US?


  2. Hi there, i bought the kit through another mother here in Singapore. i think she ordered them directly from China (the kit is from China). I only have the company name, Zhejiang Yunhe Nature Teaching Toy Co Ltd. However, i reckon montessori materials can be purchased also in US?

  3. They can, but I like the idea of a kit that combines so many materials in one place.


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