Sunday, November 29, 2009


Since the kit that i bought does not include the entire range, i had to DIY some. One of the activity that i dont own is called the color box (3). It includes 9 sets of colors, with each set having 7 different shades of a color. I checked the website to see how much it'd cost me if i bought the kit- USD $60! So, i DIY using cross stich threads. I bought 7 different shades of red threads and roll it over cardboards like so.

The red color range alone cost me a mere SGD $5! If i did it for 9 sets, the total would be SGD$ 45...versus USD $60! You do the math!

The other activity is called Touch fabric. It includes different cloth textures; the aim is to awaken the child's sense of touch. I went to buy wooden plates from DAISO, the wooden plates are suppose to be built into a box. But instead, i cut out old clothes and past them over the plates- see above. This cost me about $5 as well.
Honestly, after doing extensive research, i found that most Montessori materials can be made at home. It takes a bit of creativity and cost alot lesser than the proffessionally made ones. I also noticed that N masters the activity (those that i bought) rather quickly and i have to put them away soon after i introduced it to him. So economically, its much more worth to make your own than to buy. But of course, purchasing the materials save one alot of time!

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