Monday, February 1, 2010

Water Water!

N's teacher said that he enjoyed water play very much. But because he is so messy, she don't quite let him explore with it. Actually, i thought that was the whole point right? He is suppose to practise to perfection right? On the other hand, i do understand. Previously, i allowed N to do this activity but because he spills water all over the place AND refuse to listen to instruction that i stopped this for a long time. But, feeling really bad that he is also not allowed to do this in school, i decided to oblige. Suprisingly, he wasn't so clumsy this time and obeyed every instruction, but of course still no where near to perfection (i had to hold on to the funnel!).

1 comment:

  1. Just give him a sponge to mop up the water he spills. Then squeeze the sponge back into the container. Good exercise for fingers/hand. I learnt that from a montessori group I visited.


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